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Colourful Neighbours
1) 亞太廣播聯盟 - 電台社區服務宣傳
Radio Community Service Announcement Commendation

2) 2016紐約節廣播節目大獎 - 公共服務宣傳
2016 New York Festivals® International Radio Program Awardsn - Promotion Spots, Opens & IDs
Public Service Announcement Promotion: Finalist Certificate
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Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS) is a service provided by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), the sole public service broadcaster in the city, to empower ethnic minorities by facilitating them to produce their own radio programmes, broadcast in their own languages and enhance mutual understanding through public participation.

The aim of this Community Service Announcement is to showcase some past programmes in order to arouse public awareness towards the service. The announcement was broadcast during the application period of the service.

All soundbytes used in this Community Service Announcement had been gathered from the ethnic minority programmes produced by community producers of the CIBS. It showcased programmes involving Filipino, Igbo (an African tribe), Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Nepalese, Pakistani and Thai producers and guest speakers. The programmes were broadcast in their mother tongue plus a mix of Cantonese and English. Excerpts include programme sigtunes, skits, national music, language exchange, culture sharing, life wisdom etc. This announcement presented a kaleidoscopic view of the colourful CIBS ethnic minority programmes and to remind audience that they can listen to them on RTHK DAB channel DAB31.

節目製作團隊 : 數碼台社區參與廣播服務團隊