01. 80.5%
ImagePhoto credit: Andy Chow
Uncle Ray, the Guinness World Record holder of The World's Most Durable DJ’ retires after 72 years on air. He concludes his milestone with a Chinese-English autobiography and two retirement big band jazz concerts.
(Introduction by: Oliver Chou, music critic)
02. 67.9%
Veteran music critic Chow Fan-fu passes away on 7 July at age 71. His family has set up foundations and donate all his music resources and collections to libraries for public reference.
(Introduction by: Bernice Chan, General Manager of International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong))
03. 62%
'Fine Music’ magazine ceases publication after more than 30 years in print.
(Introduction by: Dennis Wu, Chairman of the Friends of Radio 4 Society Limited)
04. 60.7%
The Hong Kong Sinfonietta co-curates the ‘Life is Art’ film festival with MOViE MOViE, bringing to audiences 74 screenings including three world premières of the orchestra’s original film productions, further improving the accessibility of classical music.
(Introduction by: Margaret Yang, CEO of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta)
05. 57.2%
Dr Yip Wai-hong, the 'Father of Children’s Choral Music in Hong Kong’ is bestowed with the Silver Bauhinia Star, to recognize his devotion and contribution to the local music scene.
(Introduction by: Yip Wai-hong)
06. 56.8%
With a history of over a century, Tsang Fook Piano Company Limited announces its closure on 13 January.
(Introduction by: Oliver Chou, music critic)
07. 56.1%
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and RTHK co-present ‘Beethoven 32’, a journey to explore Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas through 32 local talents who are closely related to the Academy.
(Introduction by: Jimmy Shiu, Head of RTHK Radio 4)
08. 55.4%
ImagePhoto credit: HKADC
Hailed as the ‘Father of Hong Kong Opera’, Prof. Lo King-man is conferred with the ‘Life Achievement Award’ by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, for his selfless contributions to the development of the arts in Hong Kong.
(Introduction by: Lo King-man)
09. 55.3%
With music and lyrics written by Steve Ho, the Hong Kong Children’s Choir presents a Cantonese original musical ‘King of Singers’, with more than 2,000 members participating on stage at the Xiqu Centre.
(Introduction by: Kathy Fok, Music Director & Principal Conductor of Hong Kong Children's Choir)
10. 54.7%
ImagePhoto Credit: HKCO
The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra is the first Chinese orchestra in the world to establish an online concert hall. Through ‘HKCO Net Concert Hall’, music lovers from around the world can enjoy the beauty of Chinese music anytime, anywhere.
(Introduction by: Celina Chin, CEO of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra)
11. 53.7%
ImagePhoto credit: HK Phil
The HK Phil Resident Conductor Lio Kuokman is named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2021. He is also the first Chinese conductor to be invited to lead the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.
(Introduction by: Lio Kuokman)
12. 49.5%
ImagePhoto credit: HKAPA
Named as the ‘Father of Hong Kong Modern Music’, Doming Lam celebrates his 95th birthday.
(Introduction by: Doming Lam)
13. 48.3%
ImagePhoto credit: HKHF
The first Hong Kong Hymnos Festival is held. This multi-day festival showcases musicians from various spectrums, as well as performances by clergies and church choirs. A lecture workshop on Gregorian Chant is also presented.
(Introduction by: Angela Hui, Chairman of the Hong Kong Hymnos Festival)
14. 46.1%
Due to the pandemic, many concerts are forced to cancel or change programme content.
(Introduction by: Leon Chu, music critic)
15. 44.1%
ImagePhoto credit: HKU MUSE
To mark the 40th anniversary of the HKU Department of Music and the 80th anniversary of the premiere of Messiaen’s ‘Quartet for the End of Time’, HKU MUSE presented a series of events, offering a multi-angle analysis of the work.
(Introduction by: Daniel Chua, Chair Professor of HKU Department of Music and Advisor to HKU MUSE)
16. 44%
Veteran music critic Albert Wong passes away on 25 January, at age 82. Wong had a wide wealth of expertise. He wrote extensively on topics about collectives, travel and fine dining.
(Introduction by: Louis Lee, music critic)
17. 41.3%
ImagePhoto credit: Shaw Auditorium
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology sees the opening of its first multi-purpose arts and culture venue, the ‘Shaw Auditorium’.
(Introduction by: Isaac Droscha, Artistic Director of Shaw Auditorium Unit, HKUST)
18. 37.9%
ImagePhoto credit: HK Phil
The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra’s very first concertmaster Lim Kik-tin passes away on 18 September at the age of 89.
(Introduction by: Benedikt Fohr, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra)
19. 37.2%
ImagePhoto credit: HK Phil
Because of quarantine requirements, Music Director of the HK Philharmonic Orchestra, Jaap van Zweden cancels all his engagements with the Phil from November 2021 to March 2022. Engagements in the remaining season is yet to be confirmed.
(Introduction by: Benedikt Fohr, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra)
20. 35.8%
Veteran soprano and voice teacher Francesca Chan passes away on 14 December aged 79.
(Introduction by: Stephen Wong, pianist)
21. 35.4%
The Leisure and Cultural Services Department performing arts venues adjusted their trilingual pre-show house announcement last September.
(Introduction by: Doreen Lau, Senior Manager of Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Venue))