Charity Auction

Welcome to our Operation Santa Claus annual charity auction! Staycations, dining experiences -- we have some fabulous lots for sale. Normally we'd be holding a live event, in conjunction with our morning business programme, Money Talk, but in this time of temporary social distancing, we're doing it all online. And we hope you'll get involved and support Radio 3's efforts to raise funds for Operation Santa. We're inviting bids over a 24-hour period starting from 8.15am on December 10. But you are welcome to take a look now at what's here and register in advance. We'll also be adding further lots in the run-up period. Happy bidding!

Auction time: Dec 10, 8:15am. - Dec 11, 8:15am

For more, please visit the Radio3 Channel Page.

愛心聖誕大行動又獻新猷 ,舉行24小時網上慈善拍賣活動,讓你做善事之餘,也可投選你心儀的禮品,為自己及親友送上精彩聖誕。

這項活動於12月10日上午8:15分在英文台財經節目Money Talk中開始進行,你可在隨後24小時內,共襄善舉,競購你心儀的禮物。活動持續至12月11日上午8.15分完結。