Beneficiaries 受惠機構


Improve the quality of life of those with physical or mental disabilities.


Caritas Rehabilitation Service

Since 1976, Caritas Rehabilitation Service has been committed to improving the livelihoods of children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. Through providing a range of supportive programmes, they are determined to impart self-reliance and fuller participation in community living to the target groups. Assisting the caregivers and educating the public are also their means to realise an integrated society.

The project ‘Hope’, sponsored by OSC, intends to maximise the coping abilities of pre-school children with special educational needs (SEN) and their parents. Bringing up therapeutic treatments, training, peer support groups, online videos, and adequate equipment, the charitable organisation will direct undivided attention to this particular group of children, as well as lift the emotional toll on their parents.

No. of beneficiaries: 200 (100 0-4 years old children with SEN and 100 parents)


「明愛康復服務」獲「愛心聖誕大行動」贊助,將推行“Hope”計劃,協助有特殊教育需要(SEN) 的學前兒童及其父母應付他們的需要。他們將提供康復治療、培訓、同儕支持小組、網上影片及各種設備,全力支援SEN兒童,並減輕父母的情感負擔。


Their project organiser, Yip Shing-wai, and occupational therapist Janice Cheng, tell us more about the programme. We also hear from one of their service users, the mother of Alicia, who tells us how it helps her cope with her challenges.


Radio 3’s Angie Man talks to their project organiser Chris Yip and also one of their beneficiaries, Alicia's mother.
Home of Loving Faithfulness

People with special needs have been the most marginalised group in society for a long period of time. Seeing the disabled being deprived of education, employment and decent healthcare, the founders of Home of Loving Faithfulness created a home to provide life-long residential care for children and adults in a family setting. This home has been welcoming with open arms for half a century. The home aims to empower young disabled people in Hong Kong to achieve their fullest potential.

With support from OSC, it provides life-long special care and attention to those who need constant monitoring. The less physically challenged family members are encouraged to develop skills appropriate to their level of understanding, to develop their capability.



Radio 3’s Cruz Macalligan spoke to superintendent, Gretchen Ryan, about the home.