Have you got what it takes to be a voice@rthk.hk ?

Let’s find out. RTHK Radio 3, Hong Kong’s main English language radio channel, is listening. If you think you have the talent, drive, passion, and energy for radio, then let’s hear your voice@rthk.hk

Record a one-minute long message on your phone or digital recorder, telling us something that’s unique and interesting about yourself. Talk about any special interests and skills you have, and email it to us with a brief written introduction. Click on any of the voice@rthk.hk links on this page (or copy and paste this address to the 'to' box in your email client) to send us your submission.

Give your story a beginning, a middle, and an end. Make notes or write a little script. Don't rush, you have time. Imagine you are talking to a friend when you record. Smile... it really helps. Use headphones if you can (ones without a built in microphone), so you can really hear yourself. That’s radio 101. Practice getting the device mic in just the right place so you don't ‘pop’, and make sure your recording isn’t distorted. That usually means you're too close to it. If that happens, just fix it, and start again. Practice makes the perfect voice@rthk.hk. Maybe you're a sports expert, a financial whizz, a music nut, an incredible DJ, or just a great story teller. You have 60 seconds to sell yourself, so...

Mic up… Speak up… GO!

Deadline for entries: 15.4.2023

Make us listen. Make us ‘believe’ you. Make us put you on-air.

Who knows? It may be your voice@rthk.hk... that we need.

You will need to be a Hong Kong resident to be considered.