It's been quite a year for Hong Kong. Looking back at the past twelve months, who do you think has been most significant in 2020?
Cast your vote - just one per person please - and we'll announce the winner in the first Backchat of the New Year, on January 4th at 9am.

Due to some irregularities in the voting of “Backchat-Person of the Year 2020”, RTHK considered it prudent to cancel the voting this year.
1 Peter Choi
Veteran of the Battle of Hong Kong in WWII, who died in 2020.
2 Fanling Golf Course
Fanling Golf Course
3 Dr Chuang Shuk-kwan
Head of the CHP's Communicable Disease Branch
4 Unknown Cleaners
Keeping Hong Kong clean and safe
5 Prof. Ben Cowling
HKU Epidemiologist
6 Apple Daily
Popular newspaper
7 David Webb
Shareholder activist and commentator
8 Carrie Lam
Chief Executive
9 Frontline Health Workers in Hong Kong
Frontline Health Workers in Hong Kong
10 Nabela Qoser
RTHK reporter