'Sonic + Visual + Global Connection' Carnival

In celebration of the 95 Years of Public Service Broadcasting in Hong Kong, RTHK will organise the "Sonic + Visual" Carnival at the Piazzas outside Hong Kong Science Museum on 2-3 December 2023. The carnival is also a supporting event of the “Happy Hong Kong” campaign launched by the HKSAR Government. The carnival has various themed zones, including health and medicine, culture and history, sports and leisure, nature and environment, science, as well as a teen zone, providing innovative and inspiring entertainment activities for the public.
嘉年華節目內容 Details of the Carnival
DATE: 2 December 2023 (Saturday) & 3 December 2023 (Sunday)
TIME: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (All workshops conclude before 5:30 p.m.)
VENUE: Upper & Lower Piazzas, Hong Kong Science Museum, 2 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon
Free admission for all game booth activities and workshops. All are welcome to join.
MAJOR ARTWORKS AT ENTRANCE AND EXIT Staying Together in All Seasons, Form of Works: Paper-cutting Artworks, Creator: CHEN Yan-ting
Famous paper-cutting artist CHEN Yan-ting will set up two installation artworks with the theme of “Staying Together in All Seasons” at the entrance and exit of the carnival respectively, which symbolise the fact that RTHK has been accompanying Hong Kong people for 95 years with its public service broadcasting, and it will continue to keep pace with the times and record the Hong Kong stories from generations to generations.
ZONE 1 - 好想藝術工作坊 “Artspiration” Workshop

Origami Workshop / Self-learning Origami Station / Balloon Twisting Workshop / Self-learning Balloon Twisting Booth

With “Artspiration”, you, regardless of age, can apply your skills and creativity at the “Origami Workshop” to create unlimited possibilities from a limited space using a piece of ordinary paper. There will be origami workshops at the booth in which you can learn origami techniques from instructors. As quota is limited, interested persons shall register online in advance. Furthermore, “Self-learning Origami Station” presenting illustrations on origami will also be set up, so that all visitors can self-learn origami techniques from the illustrations. You can create your own work while experiencing the artistic atmosphere.

On the other hand, balloon twisting is full of dynamics and fun, and it also helps to relieve one’s stress.

We will provide the dedicated Balloon Twisting Workshop and Self-learning Balloon Twisting Zone. In the Balloon Twisting Workshop, the instructors will teach the basic skills on the spot, and assist the participants in completing simple works. As quota is limited, interested persons shall register online in advance. The Self-learning Balloon Twisting Zone will provide illustrations on twisting balloons. Members of the public may try to twist the balloons into different shapes to fully demonstrate their creativity.

Due to the enthusiastic reception, all time slots for the workshop are full.
ZONE 2 - Made in HK 香港歷史遊樂園 Made in HK – Hong Kong Historical Amusement Park

Tile Toss Game / Rubber Ring Toss / Inflatable Slide / Photo-taking with RTHK DJ

Simple games in our childhood left beautiful memories on our minds. Over the past years, RTHK has kept on producing educational programmes for children in diverse genres, accompanying Hong Kong people of different generations to grow up. Entering this Amusement Park, members of the public can play games while reviving their childhood memories. In the Tile Toss Game, RTHK programme titles are embodied in the tile patterns for you to choose from. Participants only have to use the small tools provided in the booth, and if they toss the tools right inside the tiles in accordance with the game rules, they may receive a small souvenir. Rubber Ring Toss is the classic game in carnivals. Though looking simple, the game is in fact quite difficult. You are welcome to show your skills to see if you can use the plastic rings to encircle the plastic bottles printed with RTHK programme titles. Through the Inflatable Slide, children can enjoy the childhood fun of sliding. In Photo-taking with RTHK DJ, photos of DJs hosting music programmes, who were very popular among young music fans in the 1970s and 1980s, will be displayed at the booth. You may select a DJ photo, take a photo with it and then download the composite photo image for retention.

(According to the organiser’s rules, the composite photos from this booth can only be used by the participants for personal commemorative purpose. Without the organiser’s consent, no downloaded photos / files shall be used for commercial purpose.)
ZONE 3 - 健康檢查 「藥」定你 / 中醫與你 Doctor and Healthpedia

Health Check for You / Chinese Medicine Practitioners and You

The programme “Doctor and You” has showed concern for people’s health for over 30 years. A dedicated booth will be set up on-site to assess the basic health conditions of participants free of charge. There has been a tendency of people suffering from hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycaemia at a younger age, posing potential health risks to people. As prevention is better than cure, you are welcome to conduct tests for “the three hypers” by the on-site registered pharmacists at the “Health Check for You” booth.

In the “Chinese Medicine Practitioners and You” booth, testing equipment incorporating traditional Chinese medicine and technology will be used to collect your tongue, face and pulse information, etc., so as to assess your constitution and health condition.
Co-operating Organisation: Health in Action HONG KONG BAPTIST UNIVERSITY Lions Clubs International, Lions Club of Tuen Mun Lions & Hong Kong Baptist University Chinese Medicine Charity Foundation
ZONE 4 - 香港故事港食力 Hong Kong Stories – Very Hong Kong

Tasting of Milk Tea / Tasting of Egg Puffs / Tasting of Egg Tarts

There is a kind of story called memory; and there is a kind of memory called taste. The hot and fresh old-style egg puffs, egg tarts and milk tea are Hong Kong tastes on everyone’s mind. In the “Hong Kong Stories” booth, the recipes for these local delicious foods are presented, and members of the public can taste the foods on the spot.

ZONE 5 - 電競遊戲 /  科學推廣組-開心啟航 Our Future Scientists

E-Sports Games / Science Promotion Unit – A Happy Voyage

Our daily lives are closely connected with technology. In this booth, an e-sports game device and a STEM workshop will be provided to bring the participants into a new scientific frontier during the games. E-sports competition was officially included in the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou for the first time this year, and the e-sports players of Hong Kong had been actively prepared for the competition. A dedicated “E-Sports Games” booth will be set up in the carnival, so that members of the public can try the games to experience the fun of this sports activity. Using a structure which looks like simple, the Hong Kong Science Museum has produced a “bamboo dragonfly”, or the “hopter”, which will be displayed in order to explain the scientific knowledge of the hopter to the public at the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) level.

ZONE 6 - 藍地球大自然大不同 Biodiversity in Hong Kong

Farm Together

To instill more creative green ideas into people’s lives, this booth has incorporated the natural elements to facilitate public understanding of crops in season and their participation in the Ecological Bonsai Workshop, so as to promote a green lifestyle.

Due to the enthusiastic reception, all time slots for the workshop are full.

Co-operating Organisation: SINO GROUP - FARM TOGETHER
ZONE 7 - Pet Pet 搞邊科 What Happens to Your Pet Pet?

What Happens to Your Pet Pet?

In the zone “What Happens to Your Pet Pet?”, apart from watching the peculiar insects inside the special display boxes, you may also touch the reptiles directly.
ZONE 8 - Teen空海闊學界和你紛 Teenschoice


The carnival will have a dedicated teen zone, with the booth designed by local primary and secondary students. There are a total of eight participating schools with different inspiring topics including architectural features, literature and district culture of Hong Kong. Members of the public are welcome to participate in the interactive sessions designed by students, and experience the unlimited creativity of young people.

The programme “Young Astronaut” will also be introduced in this zone.
ZONE 9 - 體壇無極限 Sports Unlimited

Mölkky / Air Storm / Dodgebee

Not everyone can be a decathlete, but we can certainly find a sports activity which fits our physical conditions, so as to get our bodies moving! This booth introduces several newly-popular sports, including Mölkky, air storm and Dodgebee. These non-traditional sports combine exercises with competitive games, and there is always one suitable for you.
ZONE 10 - 歡樂人生 A Happy Life

A Colourful Life / Dreamlike Bubbles

The carnival is a big party full of creativity. How can there be no colourful decorations? In “A Colourful Life” booth, there will be painters who draw colourful patterns on your hands or faces, so that you can enjoy the lively atmosphere of the carnival even more. “Dreamlike Bubbles” is a mobile bubble station which adds wonderful colours to the carnival. Soap bubbles are full of childhood fun and dreamy colours, adding lustre to the carnival. Bubble persons walk around everywhere, and may appear next to you at any time to bring colours and laughter to you!

Stage Zone

Programmes on 2 December 2023

Time Item Content
1000-1045 Openinig Ceremony
1045-1145 Canto Pop Power Concert Pop song performance
1200-1245 Happy Bubble Magic Big Soap Bubble Performance
1300-1345 Hip Hop When 150 Meets 170 HKDI Busking
1400-1445 Children’s Xiqu World Children Opera Performance
1500-1545 Happy Party – DJ Ballshing Live RTHK Classic Programme and Modern Canto Pop Songs Jam Party
1600-1645 Modern Creative Southern Tone Performance Blend of Intangible Cultural Heritage and New Elements – Modern Southern Tone Performance

Programmes on 3 December 2023

Time Item Content
1000-1045 Everybody Singing Together Singing Performance by People of Different Races
1100-1145 Extraordinary Persons in Concert Music Performance by Artists with Disabilities
1200-1245 Happy Break Dance Break Dance Performance
1300-1345 Happy E-Sports Competition E-Sports Competition
1400-1445 Happy Puppet Show Modern Puppet Show (Little Kid’s Journey to The West)
1500-1545 Puppy Talk Stray Dog Stories
1600-1645 Happy Animal Yoga Animal Yoga in Catwalk
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