Raisin meditation


You’ve just dabbled in the trendy practice of mindful eating: a kind of meditation in motion. Like other mindfulness methods, it emphasizes a judgment-free awareness of your thoughts, emotions and sensory experiences, and it helps you pay attention to a task all of us do but seldom stop to notice.



1. mindful (adj.)  記住的;留心的 + of

mindful of sth (formal)

e.g. He is mindful of his responsibilities. 對自己所負的責任銘記在心。


= aware of sth 知道的

e.g. We must be mindful of the consequences of laziness. 我們必須知道懶惰的後果。


mindfulness (n.) 靜觀

(c.f. raison-ness) = refer to a state or quality e.g., sadness (state) / kindness (quality)


2. roll (v.)

  • 轉動to roll sth. between one's fingers 在手指間轉動某物
  • 滾動 e.g., to roll a ball
  • 將…捲起 e.g., to roll into a ball 將…揉成團
  • 啟動 a machine is operating e.g., roll機 = cameras, roll! 開拍!let’s roll 
  • roll your eyes 翻白眼 = annoyed or bored

► roll (n.)

  • 一捲 e.g., a roll of paper/cloth 一捲紙/布
  • 小圓麵包
  • 搖晃to walk with a roll of the hips 走起路來臀部一扭一扭的
  • to be on a roll 連連獲勝
  • roll call = register = an official list of people’s names e.g., call or take the roll 點名


3. pop (v.) 急忙放入/突然把某物丟進某處

e.g., He popped the raison in/into his mouth. 他把提子乾一下拋進口中。

e.g., She popped the pizza into the oven. 她迅速把薄餅扔進爐子裡。


  • 使…爆裂; 啪的一聲拉開; 啪的一聲合上
  • 加熱爆開 to pop corn 做爆米花
  • 突出 e.g., to make sb.'s eyes pop 使某人驚訝得眼睛都要鼓出來了
  • 急忙趕路 e.g., I was just popping into the concert. 我正趕著去演唱會。
  • 突然出現 (pop up = appear unexpectedly) (informal)


pop (n.)

  • pop = modern music
  • with a pop 砰的一聲
  • pop (BrE informal) = fizzy drinks such as lemonade
  • 擊打; 抨擊 to take or have a pop at sb./sth. 攻擊某人/某事物

e.g. The book has a pop at astrology and astrologists. 這本書抨擊了占星術和占星家。


# Mindful eating might help you eat less

Training in mindful eating may break the link between experiencing a food craving and indulging it. If we are mindful of our food craving—and mindful of how we feel after taking one bite, we might find fewer bites satisfying.

正念進食訓練可能會打破對食物的渴求和放縱進食之間的聯繫。 如果我們注意到我們對食物的渴求 - 並且注意到吃了一口之後我們的感受,我們可能吃少一些已經滿足。


4. crave (v.) 渴望得到 / 懇求

to crave sb.'s forgiveness 懇求某人的原諒

to crave sb.'s permission to do sth. 請求某人允許做某事

e.g., Busy people are always craving for some fresh air. 大忙人經常渴求清新空氣。


craving (n.)

e.g., a craving for care / a craving to be loved


# It may benefit your body and your gut

Mindful eating encourages people to chew and savor their food more, slowing down the pace of a meal. Research has found that slow eating (and lots of chewing) helps trigger the release of gut hormones that aid digestion.

正念進食可以鼓勵人們更多地咀嚼和品嚐食物,減慢用餐速度。 研究發現,緩慢進食(以及大量咀嚼)有助於釋放腸道激素,幫助消化。


5. savor (AmE) savour (BrE) (v.) = 品嚐

= enjoy an experience / food / drink

e.g., The people savoured their newfound freedom. 人們對新得到的自由甘之如飴。

e.g., Savour the flavour of each mouthful, and chew your food well. 好好品嚐每口的味道,並且充分咀嚼你的食物。


A Song For You – “Eat It” by “Weird Al” Yankovic


How come you're always such a fussy young man?

Don't want no Captain Crunch, don't want no Raisin Bran
Well, don't you know that other kids are starving in Japan?
So eat it, just eat it

Your table manners are a cryin' shame
You're playin' with your food, this ain't some kind of game
Now, if you starve to death, you'll just have yourself to blame
So eat it, just eat it


fussy (adj.) 過分挑剔的;難以滿足的


e.g. All my children were fussy eaters. 



e.g. He's so fussy about the house - everything has to be absolutely perfect.



a crying shame 可恥;不像話 (old-fashioned saying)


e.g. It's a crying shame that Mary's paid so little for what she does.


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